Our Mission

From the first call or email, be assured it is Killarney Guided Tours' mission to consider, and then specifically implement, your unique tour needs.  Your relaxing vacation begins from the moment you set foot in Ireland, where you will be able to immediately start enjoying yourself knowing an experienced guide and driver from Killarney Guided Tours will be by your side.  Each of our tours, whether a single day or entire week, is always "Your Tour - Your Trail"™.

We provide entirely private tours for your group a six or less guests, each with a fully qualified tour guide and driver to not only chauffeur you in executive style and elegance, but share with you all the genuine, hidden gems Ireland has to offer.

We recognize that in a crowded Irish tourism market you have many options when choosing how and with whom to tour.  When you choose Killarney Guided Tours, you have chosen to insure that it is not only your driver who has the proper license and insurance, but that your actual guide is an officially badged tour guide.  As an award winning provider of privately guided, chauffeur driven tours, we strive to ensure you get what you are paying a premium for in choosing a private tour - a first class experience, guided by a trained and Failte Ireland approved Tour Guide, while being chauffeured by a professional driver.  Demand nothing less than the very best for your vacation and guided tours of Ireland.  Killarney Guided Tours believes placing your tour in the hands of a qualified guide is as important as who is driving you on the winding, often less traveled roads of Ireland.

We are proudly listed on TripAdvisor and have been recognized for six consecutive years as not only a Certificate of Excellence recipient, but now one of a select few "Hall of Fame" members and Travelers' Choice recipients. We encourage you to visit TripAdvisor and read our unedited guests' reviews before you choose your tour provider.  With success, in large part due to our wonderful guests, comes the sincerest form of flattery - tour companies forming with similar names seeking to also offer guided tours.  However, if you do wish to book with us, please be sure you are booking directly with Killarney Guided Tours via this site, or through our approved sellers, to ensure you get the executive caliber, one-of-a-kind tours you've earned.  After your own tours we welcome you to leave a review of your experience as well!