"Top Tips" for your Irish Holiday

In celebration of our eighth anniversary, we’ve decided to share our “Top Tips” with those of you who may be planning your own 2020 Irish Adventures. Since establishing Killarney Guided Tours in 2012, we’ve had a singular mission - to provide our guests unique, luxury tours, fully chauffeured by professional drivers and guided by genuine Irish tour guides in a comfortable and non-pretentious manner, while not sacrificing the highest of standards. We hope if you’ve already traveled with us you agree that from the first call to the last goodbye, we offer a level of service and array of tours that are “Your Tour - Your Trail”™ from start to finish. For those of you who have not yet toured with us, we hope you enjoy our tips and suggestions.

#6 - Best time of year to tour.  Good news - there is no "best" time of year to visit Ireland. Don’t stress about the time of year you choose to holiday. While Summer may have warmer temperatures and Winter shorter days, Winter also brings fewer crowds and the excitement of stoked fires, toasty cocktails and relaxation and conversation in the plentiful pubs. We suggest those of you looking for a more leisurely pace consider more than only Summer Season for your tours. There is simply no “bad” time to visit the Emerald Isle and tour with us, so whether its a summer holiday or winter get-a-way we'll ensure your tour is an Irish Adventure.

#5 - What about the weather?  Although we guarantee you’ll receive the first-class service that you deserve having chosen us for your luxury tours, we can’t guarantee anything about the weather other than it will most likely rain at one point or another. So, while you may be tempted to simply pack an umbrella, the Irish winds will likely not be kind to it. Instead, we suggest you invest in quality rain gear or at very least a sturdy raincoat with a hood. It will make getting to and from all the breathtaking sites you'll visit much less stressful and ensure you aren’t soaked by the inevitable rains.

#4 - What to bring/pack. As the Irish are masters at providing five-star hotel experiences with comfort in mind, we hope you find touring with us equally as comfortable. We strive to deliver tours that do not sacrifice executive style and the highest of standards you deserve. Our suggestion of what to pack - wear what you feel most comfortable in. With that in mind, many of you may be familiar with the iconic Coco Chanel’s accessorizing advice: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.” The same holds true for what you bring for your Irish holiday. Less is truly more. Even though you are traveling in luxury with us, comfort is key whilst touring Ireland. And if there is one thing we can assure you, nobody will be looking to see if you repeat those jeans or trousers. You’ll thank us for the extra room it will provide for the magnificent Irish treasures you will be finding along the way.  

#3 - Distances between locations.  One thing to absolutely toss out the window is how long Google maps shows it will take to get from one point to another. The winding, often narrow, Irish roads simply lengthen every journey. As you may have heard us say we want you to “enjoy the journey, not just the destination,” once you are here you can rest assured that because you have a professional Killarney Guided Tours driver behind the wheel, we'll make your tour “Your Tour Your Trail”™.  No need to stress about how long it will take getting to the ultimate destination or you may very well miss the most memorable locations and hidden gems suggested along the way. You took perhaps the most important first step - choosing to book with us - now, trust that we will deliver your dream tour with your preferences and itinerary in mind.

#2 - Currency and Payment.  Of course Ireland uses the Euro (and Northern Ireland the British Pound), but credit cards are accepted almost everywhere except for off-the-beaten path locations we may visit. However, do double check your credit cards before you depart and be sure the ones you are bringing don’t charge foreign transaction fees or exorbitant ATM fees. Also, you always have the option to withdraw Euros from an Irish Bank ATM upon arrival or along the way rather than traveling with dollars to exchange. By doing so you'll avoid worrying about having cash on you in transit. We are also often asked about tipping. Tipping and gratuity in Ireland is comparable to the United States and is always appreciated no matter if at a restaurant, hotel or to a service provider.
#1 - Book early! Our final and #1 Tip is that we absolutely suggest you book with Killarney Guided Tours early. With our experience and reputation in the industry, we’ve found many a guest disappointed to hear we are simply no longer available to provide your dream tours on your chosen dates of travel. Especially if you are visiting in summer, we strongly suggest you book very early to ensure your tour day or week is available with Killarney Guided Tours in 2020.

We hope you enjoyed our "tips" and suggestions and we look forward to touring with you in 2020. After you've done the sometimes stressful advance work - planned, prepared and made the perhaps long trip - upon arrival it'll be time to sit back and leave the worry to Killarney Guided Tours. After all, it’s why you chose us! We look forward to working with you to get your dream holiday plans underway.