Until we tour in Ireland again...

We know and understand the thought of leisure travel and touring is perhaps the last thing on everyone’s minds during this world-wide pandemic. However, we also know that with so many summer adventures needing to be cancelled and rescheduled, many of you are looking forward to brighter days and getting back out on the road on an Irish adventure. We share that feeling with each of you and are very much looking forward to touring again, albeit in what may be a new environment.  Rest assured, Killarney Guided Tours is up to the task.  

The Government of Ireland has begun to establish a “Road Map” for the reopening of society and business, including the tourism sector. You can find more detailed information at www.GOV.IE, but we at Killarney Guided Tours wanted to take a few minutes to set out our own roadmap for touring again. Killarney Guided Tours is fully committed to following the strict guidelines of our leaders and medical advisors.  And while the tour guiding and transport branches of KIllarney Guided Tours is temporarily  closed, we have continued to assist future guests in planning dream holidays whilst maintaining our dedicated email and phone services. We remain available to you for questions and advice on your future privately guided and chauffeured tours.

Luckily for Killarney Guided Tours (and each of our guests) we have always maintained flexible cancellation policies when booking direct with us.  These policies make it as simple and hassle-free as possible for our valued customers and friends to have confidence that should your travel plans need to be changed or cancelled altogether, your hard earned money will not be lost.  We will offer and guarantee full refunds during this time of crisis and intend to keep this policy in place until December 31, 2021.  We have noticed many operators and attractions implementing a “voucher” system rather than refunding guests.  Killarney Guided Tours has decided that a “voucher” system is not in the best interests of our guests and we simply refuse to lock our customers into future tours during these uncertain times.

One thing has become crystallized through the course of this pandemic - until a vaccine or other medical assurances or advancements are in place, travel, both domestically and internationally, will have to change.  Killarney Guided Tours is ready for the challenge.  In fact, since we have always offered only small group private tours, our simple advice has long been that planning to tour with only your small group, chauffeur driven away from the crowded attractions and locations, is the absolute way forward. You need not worry that you may be choosing to travel with an operator who only now, post-Covid, has started touring in this manner – we have been perfecting such privately guided, off-the-beaten-path tours since 2011. Touring with only your small group of family or friends with us behind the wheel, will give you the opportunity to visit and explore this magnificent country with peace of mind.

Killarney Guided Tours continues to work on innovative ideas and touring options that will help in maintaining a safer environment for your family during this difficult time.  Rerouting tours and planning days around avoiding peak visiting times for many of our great attractions is but one of the ways Killarney Guided Tours’ expertise will assist in making your experience not only enjoyable, but as safe as possible. We’ve started planning unique tours such as sun set tours along our wonderful coast line called the Wild Atlantic Way and look forward to sharing more details soon. We hope as you are making your Fall 2020 and beyond travel plans you may consider some of our newer tours as they are offered.

Even more than ever, we will count the days until we can share the great back roads of Ireland dating back to the start of time in Ireland with our guests.  In preparation for that day, we know that it has never before been so important to ensure that whomever you choose to tour with has strict cleanliness and maintenance standards.  Luckily, Killarney Guided Tours has always maintained and sanitized our vehicles on the strictest of schedules and to the very highest of standards.  However, starting immediately, each of our vehicles will be sanitized daily for your peace of mind. These may sound like simple steps, but such are the way forward to not only protect your loved ones, but those around you.

Over the last week Killarney Guided Tours has seen an increase in the bookings for the last quarter of 2020 with guests anxious to return to the green rolling fields and jagged cliffs of Ireland.  It is anticipated that international leisure travel may commence by at least September 1, 2020.  With our no worry cancellation policy in place extending through all of next year to December 2021, you can freely book your late Fall tours with us as should your travel plans or flights be disrupted for any covid related reason, you can rest easy a full refund will be on the way.

We will continue to update you here on www.killarneyguidedtours.com and wish to personally thank you for your support. All at Killarney Guided Tours wish you a safe journey through this Covid crisis and look forward to welcoming you back soon.

Until we tour in Ireland again, all the very best,

Gerard Scott

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